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Hosts Pusticamica deposit with mineralization reminiscent of the Laronde Mine setting. Poised to be Cartier’s next high profile project.






Exploration drilling to explore extensions of the Pusticamica Gold Deposit and their peripheral potential


Au and Cu and Ag by-products


Miquelon, Quebec (Figure 1)
Benoist Township
SNRC 32F08
Latitude : 49° 20′ 06” N
Longitude : 76° 22′ 23” O


The property is composed of 73 claims (Figure 2).


Interests of the property are currently held 100% by Cartier Resources Inc.


2.5% net smelter return (“NSR”) royalties have been awarded of which 2.0% is redeemable at any time for C$2M



In 1993, the historical estimate calculated by Minnova for the Pusticamica Gold Deposit is 481 851 tm grading 5.52 g/t Au, 12.10 g/t Ag et 0.27 % Cu inside of 4.63 millions of metric tons of rock grading 1,89 g/t Au (Murgor Resources Inc. press release dated January 17th, 2012).

The Issuer does not consider the resourcers covered by the estimate as current mineral resources to date. The scientific and/or technical information presented in this document has been reviewed and approuved by Gaétan Lavallière, P. Geo., Ph. D., Vice-President for Cartier Resources Inc. Mr. Lavallière is a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.

The potential to increase Pusticamica Gold Deposit size remains open along strike and at depth (Figure 5).

An important favorable rock volume (rhyolitic lavas) can be explored on the property around the Pusticamica Gold Deposit to generate drill targets (6.3 km x 500 m x 450 m) (Figure 9).


The results of OreVision geophysical survey generated over a hundred anomalies. Of these, 16 drill hole targets were priorized and 8 have a similar geophysical signature to Pusticamica Gold Deposit (Figure 10).

A program and budget for 13 000 m of drilling have been develop to test these new targets of interest (Figure 11).




  • Pusticamica Gold Deposit drilled over first 300 m depth (Figures 5, 6 and 7);
  • Pusticamica Gold Deposit defined as 500 m length (Figure 4) by nearly 50 m wide with a sub-vertical dip and a plunge 50° SW;
  • Gold is associated (BEST RESULTS) with network of pyrite-chalcopyrite-chlorite within rhyolitic lavas (Pictures 1, 2 and 3);
  • Gold grades (red dots on Picture 5) are found in contact with chalcopyrite (Picture 4) near pyrite and to a lesser quantity of sphalerite. All these minerals are present in rhyolitic lavas altered in chlorite (Picture 6);
  • In March 2015, 77 drill holes (Figure 4) had been drilled on the Pusticamica Gold Deposit for a total of 26,593 m;
  • In March 2015, 94 drill holes had been made on the Benoist property for a total of 32,355 m.



Discovery of mineralised boulders on the shores of the lake Pusticamica by Thorne Exploration, some grading up to 30 g/t Au. Louis-Paul Dionne, prospector from Senneterre stakes 25 claims;


Freewest takes an option over the 25 claims of Mr. Dionne. Several geophysical surveys are completed that same year (including VLF, EM, IP and Mag);


MinGold takes and abandons an option on the property during the year. Freewest and MinGold drill 12 holes for a total of 1,955 m. First intersection on the Pusticamica Gold Deposit with 12.82 g/t Au / 1.9 m included within 1.11 g/t Au / 69.0 m (Hole 89-02);


Freewest drills 20 holes for a total of 4,607 m (18 holes on the Pusticamica Gold Deposit);


Minnova takes an option on the Freewest property and drill 24 holes for a total of 7,315 m including 21 focused on the Pusticamica Gold Deposit;


Minnova completes 8 drill holes program for a total of 2,618 m. Four of these holes are located outside of the current property boundary. Three holes focused on the Pusticamica Gold Deposit (93-65, 66 and 68) but the zones were not entirely sampled;


Minnova completes an in-house resources calculation using Au = 375 $/oz, Ag = 5$/oz and Cu = 1$/lb as metals prices;


Overburden Drilling Management Ltd completes 1,220 m of reverse circulation overburden drilling and heavy minerals geochemical sampling for gold in 51 holes that reveals numerous gold anomalies;


Overburden Drilling Management Ltd collectes 12 basal tills samples with an average of 13 to 30 free golds grains by sample around the Pusticamica Gold Deposit;


Murgor Resources Inc. acquires Minnova’s interests on the property;


Quantec completes 39 km line cutting and a deep IP survey. The survey reveals over 131 IP anomalies;


Resources Murgor Inc. drills 4 holes on the Pusticamica Gold Deposit for a total of 2,117 m;


Resources Murgor Inc. drills 9 holes on the Pusticamica Gold Deposit for a total of 4,374 m.


Kingston, Ontario, January 17, 2012

Murgor acquires remaining 50% interest in the Benoit property and pusticamica Gold-Copper deposit, Northwestern Quebec

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The Benoist property is located 65 km north-east of Lebel-sur-Quévillon, 25 km of the Bachelor mine at Desmaraisville and 30 km east of the Langlois mine (Figure 1). The property is also accessible via the O’Sullivan River from Miquelon across Pusticamica Lake for a distance 10 km to the southeast.


The Benoist property is located in the eastern part of the Archean, Abitibi greenstone belt. The property is underlain by intermediate to mafic volcanic flows and volcaniclastic rocks that are intruded by small granodioritic quartz-phyric plutons. All rock types are crosscut by a number of NE-SW brittle-ductile shear zones. These structures, carry gold mineralisation and volcanogenic massive sulphide stringers (VMS) (Figure 3) are host Pusticamica Gold Deposit which has characteristics of VMS with high gold concentrations.


  • Compilation, interpretation and modeling of the data base;
  • 2012 : Program of 3 drill holes for 2,466 m;
  • 2013 : Program of 5 drill holes for 4,155 m;
  • 2014 : Program of 5 drill holes for 3,064 m;
  • As of March 2015, a cumulatif total of 13 drill holes totaling 9,685 m were completed by Cartier Resources Inc.;
  • 2015 : 40 km linecut grid covering 6.3 km x 2 km centered on the Pusticamica Gold Deposit;
  • 2015 : Deep OreVision and magntometric surveys of 40 km (Figures 8 and 9).




Main results
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  • Pusticamica Mineralization Download
  • Pusticamica Mineralization Download
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