• TSX-V:ECR 0.07 (0)
  • Volume 770428

Sustainable Development

Economic Aspect

  • Invest in projects that ensure growth and sustainability of the company for the benefit of all shareholders and employees
  • Favor direct economic benefits to communities affected by projects

Social Aspect

  • Listen to the concerns of stakeholders by completing a socioenvironmental diagnosis
  • Conduct regular monitoring to ensure the social acceptability of our activities
  • Add value to host community with appropriate actions

Environmental Aspect

  • Minimizing the impact of our operations in compliance with laws and regulations, drawing on E3Plus principles
  • Cartier Resources won the E3Plus award for its high level of environmental and social responsibility and responsible mineral development.

Preventive Health and Safety Aspect

  • Operate our business in applying rigorous procedure (PDE) preventive health and safety which is in the policies of the company