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How to invest

How to invest in Cartier Resources

Before investing, people are often reminded to review their investment portfolio to make sure there is a certain level of diversification. The natural resources sector, which includes mineral resources, is an area of investment that can be very profitable. At the same time, the investor’s strategy should consider the short, medium or long term financial performance, according to its objectives.

The purchase of shares can be done through a broker or an online brokerage program.

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For many people, these steps are rather complex, and they slow down the decision-making process. This is why Cartier Resources has provided a simplified flowchart to help guide you in this matter.


The strategy of Cartier Resources relies on well thought-out work conducted near established high-value areas. This approach is realistic and feasible, and offers a better chance of success. For more information and for help in planning your investment, feel free to contact us.

Saving vs investing

Saving vs investing: what's the difference ?