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Work in progress

CHIMO MINE (Drilling in progress with 2 drills)

Phase II drilling, currently underway with two rigs, is designed to verify, between 600 m and 1000 m depth, continuity of mineralization in 7 of the 23 gold zones currently with the greatest potential for increasing project gold resource (FIGURE).  Phase II of the drilling program is expected to continue until spring 2019.


Reminder: Note that there are over 3,500 samples (30%), from Phase I drilling pending at this date. A procedure was set up at the Techni-Lab (Actlabs) laboratory in Ste-Germaine-Boulé (Quebec) to speed up the processing of samples and the reception of results.


Phase I of the drilling program, which began on July 11, 2017, was completed on August 21, 2018. This phase, consisting of 66 holes totaling 32,000 m, explored the extensions of the 23 gold zones on the property.


Two deep boreholes totaling 10,000 m intersected 18 times the cluster of 4 main gold zones between 950 m and 1,525 m depth; in the extension of the sites of the former Chimo mine – gold mineralization is present in all drilled areas under the Chimo mine, delineating the mineralized envelope.


Another 22,000 m was drilled at shallower depths exploring the extensions of the 19 peripheral gold zones at the main sites of the old mine.