April 27, 2017

Cartier Resources: The Gold Exploration Company Built For Investors

Article by Jeff Nielson – Stockhouse
“For investors who take their due diligence seriously, investing in mining companies can be hard work. Reading news releases, analyst reports, and poring over every detail on a website can eat up a lot of one’s leisure time. But investing in mining companies can also be fun. Some mining companies have lots of top-quality projects. Some mining companies are very active, providing lots of news to maintain investor interest. Some mining companies have well-designed websites, greatly facilitating research. Some mining companies have stellar business strategies, providing investor confidence that the company is on the right track. Wouldn’t it be great for investors if there was one mining company which did all those things? There is: Cartier Resources Inc. (TSX: V.ECR, OTCQB: EDRFF, Forum).
Top-quality projects? When management talks to analysts and other mining companies about their portfolio of properties, they’re told that Cartier has “four flagship projects”…..”