February 25, 2022

‘One slide for Chimo says it all.’ Philippe Cloutier tells Kai Hoffmann

‘One slide for Chimo says it all.’  

‘On the left portion of the slide you can see the historical past production.  You can see the backbone the shaft, the drifts and in gray what was mined out – roughly just under 400, 000 ounces. Over to the right hand side you could see what we’ve accomplished. The screenshot is eloquent. It’s a demonstration of the internal engineering studies, stope design, slope sequencing ramps and you know the underground infrastructure that we’re going to have to build here. What I really would like to point out is that it is open to the east and to the west and obviously beneath the main vectors or the non-gold mineralization seen at Chimo.’

See which slide Philippe’s talking about here – Watch and Enjoy!

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